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 Selected Testimonials  Of 9TO5Host

100% value for my money, I love the uptime and the support team, they are amazing. Will be with 9TO5Host for a long time.


I have been attached with 9to5host.comg for over a period of 6 months now and thankfully had minimal issues with no down time. I give my special thanks to Kevin for the great customer support. It is worth the value you pay for.



Your the best for following reasons

#1 low cost. 9TO5Host have affordable SSD Servers

#2 No downtime

#3 Fast and Furious Support.
Everything seems cool and working great. I think they just need to keep doing what they are doing.
You know, its not very common with people to come out here and to praise your service provider.
Its only that when one is happy like me with services as my website is working well.


I am a Professional SQL Server developer and I write tons of tutorials on SQL Server, I use to get tons of emails from users complaining site load. Many of these emails were from USA users. After I have shifted to no more complains. Its been beyond 4 weeks now, I am a proud FIRST costumer of No reverting from you guys. Thanks.Cheers

Racheal Mathew,

Great customer support and good services, didn’t hesitate to set me up with a test account


Great customer support and good services, didn’t hesitate to set me up with a test accountyeah dear thanks for your nice hosting the speed is blazing and my site is working more speedy


I am with 9TO5Host from past 1 week, compared to my previous host I observer the following advantages
Page Load Speed : lightning fast
Ping time : blazing fast
up time : 100%
stability (in terms of website down times) : Pretty stable (no down time)

all in all, much satisfied with services. Keep up the good work guys.
Much appreciated and 100% Vouch.


Have had 9To5Host as my hosting provider for several days now. I have to say that for the cheapest package (the one I got being a small operator ), the quality of service is first-rate.

One would expect all kinds of issues (e.g. slowness) for 1$, but I’ve had that only very seldom myself (which can also be my connection being the bottleneck) & none of my users have yet to complain.

Having still pretty much started in this business, setting up key things on the server was a breeze and very straight-forward and any minor issues I had were ultimately my own cock-ups out of ignorance.
Indeed, the sheer amount of server-side configuration options one gets is staggering. Employing even a marginal amount of them requires a research in itself

For now, BW limits et al are enough for my needs. But once my site grows bigger (traffic’s wise) I’d definitely consider re-upping with some larger and more expensive plan. Well worth the buck.

Furthermore, immu ,the admin of 9To5Host, is a real stand-up guy. When I get problems I tend to become nervous and bomb people in charge with a number of PMs, possibly figuring shit out myself moments later.

Nonetheless, Immu never once faltered and answered all my inquiries promptly and, most importantly, kindly. Hence I’d definitely recommend this host for people like me who are still starting up in this business.

Long life to 9to5Host & to my affiliation with them!